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Investing in Commercial Real Estate is primarily undertaken for its potential to create wealth. It is a “competitive investment” with the level of success being directly related to the physical performance of the asset over time. Invariably it is seen as a long term investment and for this reason it is crucial that effective management is in place to ensure the asset continually performs to its full potential.

Commercial & Strata (WA) Pty Ltd specialises solely in commercial asset management and offers a full comprehensive property management service. Often, asset management is seen as a secondary service offered by selling agencies however, by concentrating in one facet of real estate, Commercial & Strata (WA) Pty Ltd is able to provide a higher level of service to its clients.

Our People
The Directors of Commercial & Strata (WA) Pty Ltd are the owners of the company and are directly responsible for the management of your asset. Incorporating a combined 35 years of skills, expertise, depth and knowledge in the commercial industry, they provide a proactive and dynamic approach to property management.

Our Focus and Responsibilities
“To maximise the return on your investment”

Foremost to the future success of the property investment and its financial viability, is the return on investment. By providing high quality, integrated information, service and advice to our clients, clear strategic planning and direction is made possible. We want to provide our clients with the opportunity to accelerate their success by making informed decisions about their property.

“To achieve the best commercial outcome for all parties concerned over the long term”

This is the core philosophy of Commercial & Strata (WA) Pty Ltd, and it should be that of any committed asset management agency. Our aim is to work towards achieving a sustainable and productive business arrangement for owners, tenants and our business alike.  

“To ensure the smooth running of your property investment”

We believe it is essential to regularly communicate and create an open working relationship with our clients, tenants and professional affiliates at all times. Maintaining open channels of communication allows us to better understand the needs of all concerned parties and deliver strategies that continually lead to improvements in asset performance and management. We work closely with investors and tenants alike to ensure their objectives for each property are met.

“The building of strong and ethical business relationships”

Cultivating business harmony with our clients and tenants is fundamental to our business. Our highly personalised service aims at increasing relationship longevity and business growth. Some of these principles include a clear, concise facilitation of problem reporting and problem resolution to immediately address any issues, or potential issues, that may arise between our clients and tenants.

Accounting, Financial Analysis and Control
Commercial & Strata prioritise property accounting in order their property owners receive accurate and timely financial information. This up to date information allows both the property owners and us as managers to make informed decisions to optimize key performance of the asset. Our reporting formats can be varied to suit both our client’s requirements and to cater for the needs of the tenant.

We further provide a transparent view of property performance through:

  • Property system administration
  • Accounts payable and Accounts receivable processing and management
  • Effective arrears management
  • Property trust account reconciliation and management
  • Budget development, Budget forecasting and management
  • Annual auditing and reconciling of outgoing budgets and management
  • Annual financial reports
  • Balance sheet reporting
  • GST collection and reporting
  • Full monthly reporting and issue of statements
  • Timely payment of statutory taxes, land tax, water and council rates
  • Strong Credit Control
  • Liaising with your accountant and preparing annual statements

By constantly reviewing lease contracts, Commercial & Strata (WA) Pty Ltd aims at identifying and extracting the maximum income potential from leases. A full comprehensive review of the lease also helps to reduce any associated legal risk to both the Lessor and Lessee, provide ways to enhance the net worth of the commercial investment and protect the assets financial position.

We undertake the following:

  • Sourcing quality tenants with a thorough selection and processing procedure.
  • Active daily call management.
  • Vacancy management and advertising.
  • Lease negotiation and market evidence research.
  • Lease administration and coordination
  • Collection of rent and outgoings
  • Collection and holding of bond monies or bank guarantees.
  • Strict arrears control which follows a detailed sequence procedure.
  • Critical task management
  • Instruction to prepare leases to solicitors.
  • Execution of lease documentation and disclosure statements.
  • Ensuring option periods, rent increases and rent reviews are exercised at the required dates.
  • Insurance renewal dates and replacement policies carefully monitored
  • Site specific compliance and risk management processes.
  • Individual inspection of properties.
  • Strict compliance policy for lease and statutory requirements.
  • Essential services compliance & audits
  • Occupational Health & Safety compliance management & audits
  • Building maintenance
  • Maintain strong Contractor relationships to minimize cost.
  • Supervision and review of service and maintenance contracts.
  • Only professional trades people used.

Like other states, Western Australia has legislation governing commercial tenancies. In recent years there have been significant changes to how properties are managed due to legislative amendments and industry management standards. It is essential that the managing agent fully understands the requirements and the obligations of landlords and tenants, in particular those relating to Essential Services and Occupational Health & Safety issues. As part of our professional development we regularly attend industry seminars and training programs to keep up to date with any legislative changes and implementation thereof.

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