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Set Up & Establishment of New Strata Companies
Commercial & Strata (WA) Pty Ltd specialises in the set up and establishment process for new Strata Company developments and newly strata titled properties.
This service includes the planning of a strata company budget, including sourcing and acquiring the services of professional tradespeople and service providers, arranging adequate insurance cover for the strata company and ensuring that the budget is not only sufficient to ensure the quality ongoing management of the strata company but that the strata company has a sound plan of financial viability for the long term care and management of the strata community.

First AGM
Commercial & Strata (WA) Pty Ltd will co-ordinate and facilitate your first Annual General Meeting, assisting the strata company to establish any additional or special by-laws that may be required to ensure the objective of maintaining a harmonious environment for all owners and strata development occupants.

“Our Primary Focus is to ensure that we “get it right” from the outset – to forecast and set down a solid foundation”

Maintaining Financial Records
With over 23 years  of real estate trust accounting experience, and specialty Commercial & Strata Real Estate Management Trust Accounting Software in place, Commercial & Strata (WA) Pty Ltd is well equipped to ensure that strata levy invoicing, receipting and managing the creditors associated with the strata company is efficiently and professionally managed.  Our internal procedures ensure that levies are regularly invoiced on time prior to the commencement of every fiscal quarter and that overdue levies are promptly actioned and that a strict follow up and recovery procedure is carried out on behalf of the strata company.

“We aim to provide clear, concise and transparent financial accountability at all times”

Regular Inspections
One of Commercial & Strata (WA) Pty Ltd’s major points of difference with our competitors is that we pro-actively promote and initiate regular property inspections of the strata company premises with a representative of the Strata Company Council.  This helps to pro-actively identify potential areas of risk exposure to the strata company to ensure that all common property areas and the buildings are well maintained and that areas of risk are minimised by ensuring  that an ongoing care plan is not only in place, but regularly reviewed and attended to by the Strata Manager.

“We are not bound by specific geographical areas to facilitate our management and cover all parts of Western Australia”.

AGM’s & Extraordinary Meetings
Commercial & Strata (WA) Pty Ltd will regularly review the strata company’s budget and sinking funds to ensure that the Strata Company maintains a sound financial base and that the buildings and common property are maintained to the highest possible standards to ensure that all strata owners and their tenants can enjoy peace of mind in their strata community.  Our meetings are conducted in a friendly and professional environment and we aim to resolve any potential issues both in a prompt and amicable manner.

“To achieve our goal of maintaining the integrity of the investment building and grounds for all parties concerned over the long term”

Section 43 (C) Certificates
Our strict company policies and procedures ensure that Certificates are fully completed and promptly returned to the requesting party with 2 business days.

“We understand that “time is of the essence” when liaising with all affiliated professional bodies to ensure a smooth transition of ownership”

Licensed Real Estate Agent
Commercial & Strata (WA) Pty Ltd is a licensed Real Estate Agency in Western Australia.  This is an extremely important point of difference when selecting a professional strata manager.  All Licensed Real Estate Agents in Western Australia are required to maintain a registered an annually audited trust account.  This trust account is also protected by the Real Estate & Business Agents Fidelity Guarantee Fund.  Many strata managers are not licensed and therefore strata funds kept in trust are at risk of fraudulent activities and are not fully accountable under any statute.  Commercial & Strata (WA) Pty Ltd will advise our clients when and if it is appropriate to deposit surplus and excess funds (sinking funds) into an interest bearing account.  We will arrange this on behalf of the strata company as part of our proactive approach to ensure the strata company’s interests are maximised at all times, however we also offer the security and peace of mind to our clients to ensure them that our interest bearing accounts are also subject to an annual and Independent audit under our strict licensing requirements through the Real Estate & Business Agents Supervisory Board in Western Australia.

“Our strong ethical values ensure that we are kept well informed of legislative changes and that our professional reputation is maintained at all times”.

Strata Company Legal Issues
Commercial & Strata (WA) Pty Ltd liaises with specialist legal advisors who are readily available to assist with legal issues if and when they may arise.  A sound panel of legal advisors who have been providing sound real estate legal advice to the directors for the past 15 years assist in maintaining our company’s confidence and credibility to provide a professional and knowledgeable service to all of our strata company clients.

“We strive to maintain synergistic relationships to benefit both our clients and our professional affiliates”.

Conflict Resolution & Communication
With over 37 years combined real estate experience in both Perth and Regional Western Australia, Commercial & Strata (WA) Pty Ltd is well versed and has a sound and thorough understanding of all relevant legislative requirements including The Strata Titles Act, The Real Estate & Business Agents Act, The Residential Tenancies Act, The Commercial Tenancy (Retail Shops) Agreements Act, The Property Law Act, The Transfer of Land Act and most primary health and safety bylaws and regulations.  We aim to resolve conflict and concerns in a professional yet personal and friendly manner.  We maintain a sound communication and customer concerns procedures to ensure that parties are proactively and regularly communicated with and if conflict or concerns arise they are attended to promptly and that all parties receive regular updates until all issues are fully resolved.

“Our well grounded philosophy is that we are focused on managing our clients investment and our client relationships, not just a properties and buildings....it is this mindset that ensures our business maintains consistent and steady growth, and an ongoing source of repeat and referral business”.
Commercial & Strata (WA) Pty Ltd
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